Online Exams Safe and SecureSecurity is the most important part in exams for both kinds of exams (manual and online). Here in Online Exams, we provide the highest level of security. We provide 100% security and confidentiality for your exams. With online exams you can easily conduct online exams remotely.

  • Video Recording and Face Detection this is our one of the key feature for the security. We provide you complete recording of the candidate by using his computer/mobile webcam.
  • Browser Protection this is our second key feature for the security. Candidate can not open any other application while solving his exam. If he tried such things we are noting it down for you. Sudent can not copy paste question and its answers. if he is doing such activity we catch all of his events and if you wish you can terminate his exam.
  • Tracking Student Activity
    • We track all of the activity done by the student while solving exams and attach all such activity with the answer sheet. Examiner can reject such exams where he found cheating attempt for the exams.
  • Multiple Exam Sets/Questions For Single Exam
    • For maintaining exam security we provide multiple exam set feature for the exam. This feature delivers the different exam set to every student so that they cant copy each other. Also, while delivering exams set we shuffle all of the questions so there are very fewer chances that two students get the same question on their screen.