• Schedule Exams
    • As Examiner conducting exam is your daily work but conducting exams every time it is quite difficult and hectic. You can not conduct future exam in advance. Here in Online Exams, we understood your need and we have provided you a scheduling feature. You can easily schedule exams for your students. Scheduled Exams are visible to your students but they can’t start exam before time. This scheduling feature will help your student to prepare exams in advance. Ultimately this will help you to improve your students score for your exams.
  • Easy exam allocation
    • As the examiner, it is very difficult to circulate exam sheet in students. Every examiner has few student for which he want to create separate exam. But distributing this exam to that student it is very difficult. As you grow and your network grows then sharing exams among the students it is very difficult. Here in Online Exams, we understand your needs. We have provided you an easy way of scheduling exams among the student and student groups.
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