Online Exams is filled with lovely features that everyone likes, out of all Online Exams have some important features that we have highlighted here.

Flexible Exams

Online Exams provides a way to create exams the way you want. You can decide how your exam should be.  No limitation on the exam creation. Examiner can customize every exam in a way he wants. Customization Highlights Examiner has the choice ...

Easy and Interactive Exam Creation

We can create exams in an easy and interactive way. It helps the examiner to create exams within a few clicks. Examiner can set all of their exam criteria at once.

Easy Scheduling And Allocation

Scheduling exams are very easy here. Schedule exams in just a few clicks, no need of extra efforts. Afte scheduling exams, the examiner can easily allocate exams to student or group.

Safe and Secure

Security and Safety is one of our key feature. We track student activity through camera recording and catch all of his browser activity. Examiner can easily catch cheating attempts.

Proctoring for Remote Invigilation of Exams

Record and store student activity while solving the exam. This makes conducting remote exams a lot easier.

Smart Question Bank

Question Bank is very useful feature for all examiners. It helps you to reuse all of the questions again and again. No need to prepare questions every time for the new exam.

Live Coverage of Exams

Online Exams have provided you a very good solution to keep eye on every student. Live coverage helps the examiner to track every activity done by the student.

Money Making

Collecting fees for your exams it is quite difficult. But Online Exams makes it easy for you. Money Making is one of the best features that every examiner likes.

Study Material For Exams

In Online Exams Examiner can share study material with students before the exams for preparation.

API & Integration

The Online Exam API is a fast, secure, and reliable way for businesses to reach out to our customers all over the world. Online Exams provide an easy way to integrate Online Exams with the cross-platform application.

Interactive & Responsive Design

The design of Online Exams is Interactive & Responsive which helps the user to understand the application and its workflow easily. We have designed Online Exams in such a way that user can feel comfortable on every device.

Analytical Data

The online exam provides analytical data for every result which helps everyone to understand the results in an easy way.

Online Exams Support

Use our excellent tech support to know more about Online Exams. Contact us via our 24/7 online chat, or call, or email us. We are happy to help you! You can use our Online Chat Support, Email Support, Call Support, Video Tutorials.
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